Laboracay 4 week program

2 April 2014, Comments 6

28 day

It’s SUUMMMMEEEER! In case you didn’t notice, the temperatures have been rising and rising since last week which means that summer is finally here. With summer comes beach trips, beach parties, and well, more beach trips. No beach trip is bigger of course than Laboracay, where it seems like half of the country visits the pearly white shores of Boracay.

I’m sure most of you who plan to go there have been working hard in the gym since January, so here’s a little help for the last 4 weeks before you make that trip.

I developed a 4 week program specifically made to help you burn a few more pounds just in time for the 1st of May. If you’ve been working hard for the past few months, this can help you shed the last few pesky pounds. If you haven’t this can at least get you started enough so you can see some changes by day 28. And it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!

All you’ll have to do is to follow this site: Coach Chappy’s Corner, and check everyday for the workout of the day. Now, some of the workouts might involve you lifting some weights, kettle bells, and using some basic gym equipment, but don’t worry, I’ll be using basic equipment that every gym SHOULD have and I’ll be giving body weight options as well, if you don’t have access to the equipment.

Here are some of the basics that you will need if you want to follow the program completely:

1. Access to kettle bells and dumb bells

2. Access to a suspension trainer like a Jungle Gym XT or a TRX

3. Access to a pull up bar

4. A towel or a yoga mat

5. Preferably access to a power wheel or an ab roller

6. Running shoes

Aside from these, here are some apps that you might want to download to help you get to your goals:

1. My Fitness Pal – You can set your goal weight with this app and it will help you calculate the calories that you will need to eat in order to get to that goal.

2. Gym boss – Still one of the best timer apps out there. You’ll need this when we do our high intensity interval training

3. Argus – If only for the steps counter that it has built in. It displays the current number of steps that you have for the day. Your goal is to get to 10,000.

Get these apps with a reliable consumable mobile data megabyte-based plan like Globe’s PowerSurf 499. I’ve been using this service for all my app needs and it works like a charm. I get 1GB of data in 30 days so that’s more than enough to keep all my app fitness needs satisfied! Just text POWERSURF to 8888 ordial *143# for FREE!

That’s about it. Remember, the equipment is OPTIONAL, but it will help a lot if you have access to it.

We’re starting TOMORROW, so book mark this site and standby for the first workout!

6 responses on “Laboracay 4 week program

  1. Doc Harry says:

    Coach, may RSS feed na ba website mo? :)

  2. cocoy says:

    Any alternatives if I do not have some of the equipment? Thanks! Keep it up, Coach. You are so generous sharing this freely online.

    • Coach Chappy says:

      You can always do the movements using body weight except for the vertical presses and the pulls. Unfortunately, you will really need to use some form of weight of you want to do vertical pressing unless you can do a handstand (which most people can’t). For rows, you will really need a weight or a pull up bar/suspension trainer. There’s just no going around this. Thanks for the kind words :)

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  4. However, almost these brands are found in the and surrounding suburbs or inside of the outskirts or perhaps in provincial areas, this many Filipinos may think unsuitable for the fast-paced lifespan.

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