Indoor Workouts for the Rainy Season

15 September 2013, Comments 1

August is known as ghost month (a fact that I don’t like since I was born in August), and it seems to be the same when it comes to fitness. And even now that it’s September, the weather seems to be still bent on damping your “workout mojo”. This I don’t really understand because your body does not really care weather it’s September or January especially since we only get two seasons here in the country (hot, and wet hot). So stop making this as an excuse to not work out. If the rain is stopping you from going to the gym, then here’s an easy 10 minute workout for the core that you can do at home. It’s simple, and all you need is a small space and a bit of energy to get you going. No need for any fitness equipment.

Aside from these exercises, you can use some of these fitness apps that I recommend that can help you in timing, when thinking of workouts, or tracking your progress. And when your DSL bonks out because of the storms, you can be sure that Globe’s reliable network partnered with their PowerSurf 499 will help you use these apps for your benefit.

1. XRT – Extreme Reality Training

XRT brings outdoor boot camps indoor by mimicking the movements you would normally do, and have you do it in the comfort of your own living room, minus the giant tires of course. Although it’s a paid app, I believe it’s worth the 1.99 price tag because of the amount of exercises you can get from it.

2. See Me Get Fit

This innovative app uses your photos to track your progress thereby giving you a visual and accurate representation of your weight loss journey. This free app is a great way to motivate you to your goal because you actually see your progress and there’s no better motivation than seeing actual results.


3. Gym Boss

The gym boss app is still my top app when it comes to timers especially when you want to use intervals.  Use it for timed sets and high intensity interval training like tabatas, or even longer less intense 20-30 minute circuits. This is one app that I continue to use even to this day when a lot of other timer apps are already available. It’s simplicity is its best attribute.

When downloading my apps, and staying online I use PowerSurf 499 gives you 1GB of data for 30 days. With PowerSurf, you can stay online as long as you want, because you remain in complete control of your megabytes. With your 1GB plan, you can browse up to 3000 webpages, photos on Instagram and more! A good rule to remember, is the richer the activity, the more MB’s you use. To maximize your 1GB plan, make sure to download the My Data Manager app so you can track your MB usage.

Have any other workout apps you’d care to share? :)

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