I seriously can not wait for this shoe

1 July 2012, Comments 2

The Nike LunarTR1

I’m a sports geek. Not in the way that I know all the stats and trivia of my favorite sport, but more on that I want to exactly how fast Usain Bolt runs and how hard Manny Pacquiao punches and how high Lebron James jumps. I love getting to know these numbers because it then gives me an idea on how one can reach these “perfection points” (borrowed from John Brenkus) and just how much work it takes to be the best. This is why I SERIOUSLY CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS SHOE.

Nike finally released the new line of intelligent Nike+ shoes that can measure how hard you work, how high you jump and how much you’ve progressed. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. Even if I have good friends from Nike. This is just the fanboy in me screaming WOOOOOW.

Anywaaaay, Nike Philippines hasn’t announced yet when it will be available to the market but the shoes are now available online in the Nike store. Be prepared to spend though cause the Nike LunarTR1+ pictured above costs 235USD. I’ll try to charge it to R&D in 360. hahaha.

The shoe has sensors in it that tell your phone or iPod all the info you need about your workout. The shoe also comes with a kit which from the looks of it holds the sensor for your phone and shoe as well as the USB connector. Also, you can work out with some of the best athletes in the world including our very own Manny Pacquiao.

photo from nikerumble

You can find out more about the shoes here and here.

2 responses on “I seriously can not wait for this shoe

  1. angel says:

    Hi Coach Chappy! Do you have this already? Can you do a review? I’m interested in what workout info it provides, specifically how it tracks your progress. Maybe your wife can do a review of the NIKE LUNAR HYPERWORKOUT+ SPORT PACK WOMEN’S TRAINING SHOE?

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