I met a real life Jabbawockee

1 March 2012, Comments 0

A few weeks ago I met a real life jabbawockee.  His name is Rynan and here he is with a small sample of what he can do.

Yeah, just that. If you think dancers aren’t athletes, you’re crazy.

I’ve always admired dancers. I think it started when i saw a Gary V and the maneuvers concert back in the early nineties. My dad said then and I firmly believe it till today, “dancers are elite athletes in their own rights”. Since that day I’ve tried to copy the moves that I saw. I was a Michael Jackson fan also and the way these guys moved seemed to defy the laws of physics.

I took up street dance for one summer back in elementary school. Then basketball practice got in the way so I couldn’t continue anymore. As much as I like dancing, it’s been well documented that I have 2 left feet. I still dance but only in the privacy of our living room and with my wife as the only witness (whether she likes it or not).

So when Rynan was playing around in our studio, I jumped at the opportunity and asked home for some impromptu lessons. Of course being the cool guy that he is, he said yes and we spent almost 2 hours learning the 6 step and the baby freeze (turns out, there’s no daddy or mommy freeze, thought there was a “level up” option).

the baby freeze

learning the 6 step

Of course I had some contribution as well, when you ask someone to teach you something (for free at that) you should contribute something to his knowledge as well. I taught him some hand stand preparatory exercises, shoulder mobility and kettle bells for endurance.  He actually ruled the Ortigas love month challenge, just a testament to how fit dancers are.

I still have two left feet but at lest I have something to do when I encounter a dance battle in the future (yeah, cause that’s happening soon).
Thanks for the lessons Rynan!

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  1. Super like!! Chappywockee? Haha add a star rating option. Under widgets ata

  2. mia says:

    no really, he ruled the love month challenge

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    Meet our resident chappawockee, chappy callanta, fitness guru and all around nice guy. Go 360!!

  4. Coach Chappy says:

    @ mia you and him both. hahaha, miamaniac.

  5. Coach Chappy says:

    @kim i don’t understand this star rating :) hahaha

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