How to outrun a zombie

14 March 2012, Comments 0

In preparation for Outbreak Manila, where 360 Fitness Club will be the official gym partner, I have designed a workout on how to effectively and successfully outrun a zombie. We’re not talking about the slow Plants versus Zombies zombies, we’re talking about the Fast 28 days and weeks zombies, those guys mean business.

If you will be one of the runners for the Outbreak run on April 14, it’s important to get some training done to preserve your lifelines and get to the finish line relatively unscathed. Of course there are the obvious tips like blending into the crowd and staying in the middle of the pack but there are some things that you work on to evade the walking dead.

1. Agility

You gotta work on Agility. Sure if you’re fast you can probably outrun a zombie but how long can you outrun multiple zombies. You have to learn how to evade and be quick on your feet. Unlike a normal 5k, this race will not have you running on a linear pattern, instead you have to run and explode towards multiple directions. Therefore Agility is key.

2. Endurance

This is a run obviously, and your agility won’t do you any good if you can’t sustain it for a long period of time. I still believe that kettle bells are one of the best tools for increasing work capacity and endurance.

Check out the video below on how to use the agility ladder and for the kettle bell complex

3. Flexibiltiy

You probably didn’t expect to see flexibility right? But it is integral if you want to be evasive. Being mobile and flexible means you can contort and move you body freely through space. Imagine if you had stiff hips and stiff legs, how are you gonna be able to evade? A good stretching routine is needed. Take some yoga classes with 360 and this should not only improve your flexibility but also your strength. Besides, you can’t panic on a zombie race so yoga can help you there as well.

Enjoy and see you guys on April 14!

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