How to Keep the Flame Your New Year Fitness Resolutions

11 February 2014, Comments 0

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Did I just blink and now January is done? Wow that was fast! I’m sure most of you

have been working out like crazy for the first month of 2014, trying to shed the

holiday weight and trying to reach that beach body that everyone desires. However,

now comes the hard part. The adrenaline of January has gone and now the game is

shifted towards sustaining a workout routine that will get you through to summer

and hopefully, beyond.


One way to keep you motivated is by setting fitness “targets” these can be in the

form of weight, or bmi,or people who you want to look like. Setting these goals can

help you get in the mood for a great workout and stick to it. Remember though that

no 2 people are exactly alike so you might not end up looking like Derek Ramsey but

you could get pretty close. Here are 3 fitness goals and 3 fitness apps that can help

you achieve that body you desire.


1. Fitness ideal: The jacked guy

This guy is your typical gym rat and one who really looks the part. You will see him

either lifting the heaviest weights or trying the hardest exercises and most of the

time, he will have some scrawny teenager looking at him from the afar and secretly

doing everything he does. This guy is jacked but not too jacked to cause confusion in

the zoo. Just the right amount of musculature but with perfect definition.


pump up app

Fitness app: PumpUp (free)

PumpUp is perfect if you are clueless about exercise and you want a routine to

follow that will cater to your needs, whether it be getting jacked or losing weight.

Being a fitness coach, I’m normally wary about these apps because sometimes, they

give you a cookie cutter workout meaning it’s not specifically for you. Remember

that workouts are personal, it should cater to your needs. PumpUp does just that,

asking you a lot of questions regarding your goals, the time you have, even what

equipment is available for you. This way you won’t be stressing about getting kettle

bells or god-forbid an elliptical machine just so you can work out.


2. Fitness ideal: The lean machine

If being jacked isn’t your thing and you want to look just lean and mean, then this

is the ideal for you. This guy or girl is lean and toned and you will usually see them

burning pavement with their running shoes or bikes, or sweating it out in yoga or

circuit training. This person won’t have the biggest muscles but will definitely look

great wearing whatever.



Fitness app: Runno (free)

In terms of keeping you motivated, specifically in your running (or even walking),

Runno will be a cool way to do it. Runno is a game that you can play with your

friends or even the entire running community in your area. The goal is to get

as many areas as you can and protect them by buying soldiers. How do you buy

soldiers, you ask? Not with real money but by wallutas which is the virtual currency

of Runno and is earned by burning calories with your activity. This means, the more

active you are, the more wallutas you earn, and the more soldiers you will have to

defend your area.


3. Fitness ideal: the Hot Chef

This person is not only well versed in the gym but is also a maestro in the kitchen.

They say that abs are made in the kitchen and this guy is a living testimony to that

saying. He watched what he eats but doesn’t necessarily eat bland food. He can whip

up something good and healthy which is the perfect complement to his workouts.



Fitness app: Pepper Plate (free)

Though not strictly a fitness app, this app will help you keep track of your recipes

and even help you shop for ingredients with it’s handy grocery list. I always tell my

clients, preparation if half the battle. If you don’t prepare for your meals, you might

be caught with a bad choice of which fast food joint to visit. Always be prepared, and

this app helps you with that.


So start today! Get these apps with a reliable consumable mobile data megabyte-
based plan like Globe’s PowerSurf 499. I’ve been using this service for all my app

needs and it works like a charm. I get 1GB of data in 30 days so that’s more than

enough to keep all my app fitness needs satisfied! Just text POWERSURF to 8888 or

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