Herbalife Generation H Run this Sunday

29 June 2013, Comments 0


I’m speaking (and training) on Sunday for the Herbalife Generation H run in BGC :) So if you don’t have anything to do this Sunday, come join us. It’s for a good cause, the 100 pesos reg fee goes to CASA Herbalife, a nutrition program for underprivileged and at risk kids. You get to train and sweat with me, and the other trainers from Herbalife, plus you get to help some kids out in the process. Throw in Sunday service right after and you’ve got a meaningful Sunday right there :)

If you’re a beginner, don’t worry, it’ll just be a short training run. If you want a good workout, don’t worry either because I heard a bootcamp follows the training run.

hope to see you all! :)

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