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My name is Chappy Callanta. I wear many hats in life. My main hat is husband to my lovely wife Bituin whom you’ll meet later. Most people know me by my second hat though which is being the head coach and program director of 360 Fitness Club here in Manila. I am also a certified strength and conditioning specialist. I work with athletes from different sports.

Why am I writing a blog? For one I have found myself awake late at night with my mind flowing constantly with ideas, fears, concerns and everything else. I found out somewhere that writing things down can actually help you sleep at night (though it’s 12:30pm as I am writing this now).

The main reason however, is to just get the word out on this wonderful thing called fitness. I am absolutely in love with fitness and its most popular vehicle, exercise. What most people don’t know, is that fitness is only a small aspect of what we call “Wellness”. To be “well”, means not only to be physically fit, but also mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually fit as well. I am by label a fitness coach but I strive everyday to have total wellness. Most of the topics in this blog however will be on the physical side of things and will hereon be referred to as just fitness. Cool?

Fitness is always changing. What you know today will always be less than what is out there tomorrow.  This is another reason why I’m writing this, to give you guys some ammo when you see trash being sold on the Home Shopping Network (mind you, they’re not all that bad, but please don’t ever, ever get this . Or this). Seriously though, the fitness industry is a multi-BILLION dollar industry and some people are just out to make a quick buck, or peso, so it’s important to know these things lest you get injured trying them. However, there are still some gems being discovered everyday (and yes, some ARE in the HSN) and the science that is being discovered now is not specifically geared towards making people look better, but actually making people SIMPLY better, with the side-effect of looking better. That’s refreshing nowadays.

Expect also special guests sharing their exercise and diet secret to you guys. There will also be a challenge of the week workout every week for you to try out at home or at your gyms. Just check out the Workouts section to try them out. Some of them will have some prizes as well (check out the Partners section to see who will be giving your prizes).

Finally, I told you about my hats, my last and most important hat, is being a man for God and Jesus. I just don’t see how you can’t be a man of God when you see how awesome the human body was designed. Everything was put in the proper place and everything has to work in synergy for you to even take a single breath. It’s just amazing how we were designed, and it just reinforces my faith in my Creator. I’m not always good at this, I slip more often than I want but I think (hope) that when I help my clients get to their goals, they see a glimpse of how God intended them to be, which is the best of who they are.

So, here goes. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I will writing it.

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