Globe TattAwards! I'm a finalist! Vote for me!

15 June 2012, Comments 0

(photo from globe) Me along with my awesome co-nominees

As you may have noticed from the sidebar and my flooding of your walls and timelines, this little blog has been nominated for a tattaward! This is a tremendous honor for me and I can’t thank Globe enough for including me in this year’s finalist. I believe this is the second year that Globe has done the tattawards. It’s their way of celebrating the social media personalities and their contributions to society. Haha sorry, I can’t believe I’m being categorized as a social media personality.

I’m equally honored to be part of a great set of nominees. There’s 360’s own Noelle deguzman of, a site about running and all things wellness and health, The Philippine Dragon Boat team, the same team giving our country pride with international brilliance, Jinoe Gavan of where you go for updates on EVERY running event in the Philippines, and Michael Eijansantos of, where all board sports meet. All of these guys and girls have awesome blogs and spaces so do me a favor and visit theirs as well. They’ve been at it a lot longer than I have and I’m learning a lot about blogging from their blogs. First lesson, I should get my own domain already.

Part of the scoring (10%) will be based on your votes. So if you like my blog, or you’re my friend, or you enjoy the programs of 360 fitness club, or if you just like me, please vote for me! Here’s how:

1. Click the tattawards banner on my sidebar or go to

2. Click the facebook or twitter button on the upper right side, above the nominees

3. Log in using any of your accounts

4. You will be redirected back to the page where you can now vote for me!

5. You can vote once every hour for every account :) You can also vote from your smart phone’s browser

6. Go ahead and Enjoy Globe!

Please also vote for my friend Mikael’s band, Salamin, in the indie rocker category!

Thanks again everyone!

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