Gear Up For Life the 360 Fitness Club Way

14 April 2014, Comments 0


What do you want to be? And I’m not talking to the kids.

I’m asking you, the young professional, college student, fresh graduate, first time mom, executive, I’m asking you. What do you want to be?

We all have our roles in society. For me it’s being a wellness, and strength and conditioning coach. But that’s not the only thing I want to be, that just reflects my professional life. In the end of the day, I want to be a hero. A hero for my family. somebody they can look up to, depend on, and somebody who will sacrifice for them. That’s what I want to be.

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What do YOU want to be? In 360 Fitness Club, no matter what you want to be, we are here to help you get there through our Efficient, Holistic, and Dynamic programs.


Our programs at 360 were made with efficiency in mind. We don’t only give you quick workouts, we give you quick AND effective workouts to give you the results that you want with the time that you have. We’re not some miracle worker though who says that we can give you abs with 4 minute workouts. We focus on functional exercises that mimic daily routines and that are designed to improve your performance, no matter what your role is. Pleasing aesthetics are just a very nice side effect.


What good is a healthy body if you don’t have a healthy mind, and heart? We believe that being physically fit is just part of the equation for total wellness. You need to have a healthy mind heart as well. We help you via our wellness talks as well as our yoga and body balance classes. Our programs are also designed so that discipline is developed within yourself. Our coaches will help you set goals for yourself, and we will help you get there by providing a fun and healthy atmosphere to work out in. As I always say, the gym isn’t the real world. It’s a training ground for the real world. That’s why we made our programs holistic, so that you can see the effects not only in front of the mirror, but also in the real world.


Our programs are ever evolving and continuously change and improve as you improve with us as well. Fitness and Wellness is a constantly changing world with new research being published daily, and we make sure that our programs evolve with it. Our circuit changes every 3 months, and we have weekly workouts and monthly challenges to make sure that your are constantly growing with us. We believe that for a program to be effective, it has to change as your body and mind changes. It has to evolve, to keep challenging you, so you become the best that you can be.

Gear Up For Life and Get360Fit

How ready are you for life?

That’s the question 360 Fitness Club is preparing all our members to answer confidently and with self-assurance. As our training programs progress and evolve with the individual, our fitness philosophy evolves as well. We understand that fitness and health are key to achieving our goals and to live better lives, and not just because we are physically fit to handle challenges, but mentally prepared and emotionally ready to face them.

“We are in love with fitness. We believe in setting goals and constantly beating our personal records. We need to keep challenging ourselves and maximizing our potentials. Continuously trying to become the best version of ourselves is our never-ending goal. We are in love with fitness, because fitness is our way of life.”

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