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8 June 2014
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8 June 2014, Comments 0

When I started looking for Fitspirations, I knewI didn’t have to look too far. One was sleeping next to me every night.

The term “hot momma” is thrown around quite often in my field. I’m glad, proud, and downright blessed to have a wife and the mom of our family who despite the hectic schedule that a mom goes through, still makes time to take care of herself and stay healthy and active.

Our mothers are our heroes. As heroes, it pays to be strong, healthy and fit. I’m glad we have a hero that we can depend on. Here’s the story of how Bituin found a routine that she could stick to and along it, the results that she wanted.

bits before and after

Left: Bituin from August, 2013. Right: February 2014

 1. What was the moment when you realized that you had to start working out? What was your weight then and health state?

When my back aches started to worsen after I gave birth, I knew I had to start to take exercise seriously or else it would be harder for me to take care of our baby.

I weighed around 150 lbs when I started working out again.

2. Describe the first few days and weeks of your exercise and diet programming. Did you have a hard time adjusting or was it easy? If it was hard, how did you get through it?

More like the first ten months! I had difficulty losing weight and gaining muscle because I lacked discipline in eating. I made breastfeeding an excuse to eat more than what my body really required.

Setting clear goals and observing progress helped me stick to my routine. For example, I wanted to complete a 10k run with my best friend so I worked on that. Even though I wasn’t losing weight, I felt my posture and strength improving.


3. Describe your current diet or eating habits and exercise program. Is it difficult to maintain?

I try to eat a lot of vegetables and watch my chocolate intake (my greatest weakness!). I allow myself to binge eat once a week. Planning meals in advance also curb mindless eating.


4. What’s your current weight now? How do you feel about your physical fitness and health?

I’m around 135-139 lbs depending on the time of the month, haha. I rarely get sick lately and feel less aches. But I still know that I can still work on improving my physical capabilities. I can be more flexible, for example.

5. What’s the best thing about being fit and healthy?

You get to do what you like doing! It also affects your mind and attitude.

6. Do you have any tips for people who are about to start exercising or fixing their eating habits?

Know your true goal and know the doable steps to achieve it. Do it for yourself and not because society dictates you to be a certain way but don’t do it on your own. Be around people who can root for you!

7. As a mom, what are some of the hurdles that you have to deal with that makes it a challenge to keep your fitness routine? How do you keep your routine regardless of these hurdles?

Two of my major hurdles are time and energy. Sometimes I’d rather finish errands than to work out but thankfully my husband is really supportive (and not just in working out) that he helps me out in planning and managing my time. One other challenge is that taking care of a toddler can feel like work out in itself that I’d trick myself into thinking that I don’t need to exercise. When this happens, I just psych myself by telling myself that keeping up with our daughter will be easier if I’m in shape.

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Disclaimer: This feature is not meant to promote any product, diet, or exercise program. It is to promote healthy and active living as well as healthy choices. All products mentioned are the choices made by the people featured and do not necessarily reflect the views of this blog.

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