FINALLY...A ChappyMeal in Ortigas!

6 July 2012, Comments 0

Spicy tofu, 450cal 180php

I’ve searched long and hard for a healthy kitchen around Ortigas center (not counting the big malls). I wanted to look for a place which I can recommend to the office workers around the business district of Ortigas, most of the food available here are the usual Mcdonald’s, Jollibee, and other fast food places or the food courts with the quick-order food stalls. Although there are some hidden gems (like the Thai place in Lasapin food court) they are quite hard to find.

As fate would have it, when 360 Fitness Club relocated to the 22nd floor of Strata 100, we brought along with us a couple of friends, and one of those new friends is a little “guilt-free kitchen” called Yellow Halo.

Yellow Halo Guilt Free Kitchen

The restaurant offers healthy food at a friendly budget (a full meal with drinks cost anywhere from 180-220php). As you can see in the picture, it is a balanced meal complete with fruits (which you should take BEFORE the meal and not as a dessert), veggies, protein (in this case, spicy tofu) and brown rice. Like I said, all meals are below 500 calories so it’s perfect for the healthy and active lifestyle. The good balance of nutrients makes sure that you feel full and energized. Since it’s located in the Wellness Alliance, you can get a good post-workout meal after you circuit or yoga class.

Aside from spicy tofu, they also have a great selection of other meals like mongolian beef, pork chops, grilled tuna, chicken stir fry, and a lot more.

yellow halo menu

Really a must try if you’re looking for a healthier food alternative in Ortigas :) Look for it at the Wellness Alliance, 22nd floor Strata 100 tower, F. Ortigas jr. Ave. Ortigas Center, Pasig City.


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