Donations Accepted in all 360 Fitness Club Branches for Yolanda Victims

12 November 2013, Comments 0


It’s been a tough week for all of us in the Philippines, and we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what this massive typhoon has done to our brothers and sisters in the Visayas region. People are tired, sad, angry, hopeless, and we will only make it worse if we don’t come together as a nation and work in unity. Now is the time for action and unity. What ever sector or religion you come from, it doesn’t matter now, we are all in this together and the only way out of it is through the grace of God and through working together. 

If you’re a 360 fitness club member and you want to donate anything for the people of the Visayas, bring your donations to the branches. Some of the items that would be useful are the following:

1. Drinking water

2. Canned food that don’t need a can opener to be opened

3. Clothes and blankets

4. Toys for the children (imagine going through trauma like that, they need a distraction)

5. Your prayers

We will be forwarding your donations to the proper authorities so you will be sure that your donations will be handled properly. 

Let’s all try to do our part and help our nation rebuild. Bangon Pilipinas.

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