Do Fruits Really Make You Fat?

28 February 2014, Comments 0

This article was originally posted on my Yahoo Philippines Blog: The Wellness Report

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Fruit has been getting a bad rap lately. Along with the pronouncement that sugar is bad, particularly high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), fruit seems to be getting thrown into the doghouse as well. HFCS has been linked to increased levels of obesity and a lot of research has been done to prove this, specifically with soft drinks and juices that are laced with fructose as an artificial sweetener. When it comes to fruits and the actual intake of whole fruits in your diet, that’s when the research becomes less convincing.

We all have been told as children that “fruits and vegetables are good for you.” This saying comes from the logic that we need vitamins and minerals which can be found in fruits and vegetables. These are important for our growth and development as kids and to help boost our immune systems also as adults. Some proponents of the anti-fruit diet have argued that the amount of vitamins found in fruits is not worth the fructose that comes with it. Most health agencies however follow the five-a-day rule which pushes for five servings of fruits a day (along with five servings of vegetables). So which is it? Is fruit really good for you, or do the risks outweigh the rewards?

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