Dedicate your 360 COW to the people affected by Yolanda

17 November 2013, Comments 0


It’s been more than a week since typhoon Yolanda rocked our shores and until now, people are still hungry, homeless and getting more desperate by the day. Everyday is another day that we can help and every minute counts.

This week, 360 will be dedicating our Challenge of the Week (COW) to the victims of typhoon Yolanda in the visayas region. Everything you need to know is in the poster above. Everything else you need to know can be found below:

1. 360 members can try the workout multiple times during the week but rounds will only be counted once per day.

2. Alert the coaches if you want your rounds to be counted.

3. Only completed rounds will be counted. Partial rounds will not be counted.

4. non-members are welcome to try the COW, but they have to schedule their sessions with our membership consultants through the numbers listed in the poster.

5. Members are welcome to pledge more for each round that they finish, just inform the coaches before you start the COW.

This is just our little way of trying to help, hope to see you guys in the gym next week.

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