Day 2 of the Asia Fitness Convention 2014

12 October 2014
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For day 2, I decided to try more things that I am not accustomed to and to dig deeper into ways of building a sound business and really connecting with your fitness family. I started the day off with a crosscore which works on rotational body weight training. You can see the system in the picture above and you could say that it’s just another suspension trainer but it’s really more than that. I was quite impressed with the number of variations that you can do with the system as well as that rotational component that you can add just by, as they say, by pulling the pin. That pin is at the centre of the device and by pulling it, you free up the system to rotate at the anchor point thereby giving you far more range of motion and the capacity to rotate and also prevent rotation in your exercises. My butt and hamstrings hate me right now thanks to the flutter kicks that we did.

After that tough workout,I went to Fabio Comana who is the director of continuing education at NASM. He talked about how to build your brand and make it stronger. I won’t write much about this, but I hope that you, my dear readers, will get to notice some changes in my presentation style, and hopefully, they’re for the better. I’d hate to disappoint Fabio, who’s really a cool guy.

Then, I went and had a fun workout with the guys of Twist Conditioning. Peter Twist is the guy behind Twist Conditioning and they operate from Canada. He’s one of the early adapters of functional training and their systems are really cool. I got a lot of cool drills here that you will soon experience in our 360HIIT classes in the gym.

After that, I went and listened to Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon who is Precision Nutrition’s program developer and coaching coordinator. You’ll see more of PN and it’s application here in the blog in the future. Krista’s topic was how to fix a broken diet and her methods couldn’t have been more simpler than how she outlined them. And that’s good. Especially if you’re dealing with something like food habits, sometimes, it’s best to make simple and easy changes. Sometimes, simple is all that you need really. More on that soon.

The three Amigos were next which was a very interesting session. The three Amigos were Fabio Comana, Sgt Ken Weichart, and Lawrence Biscontini. Just by looking at their pictures below, you can tell that they have 3 different styles of communication.

Lawrence, Sgt Ken, and Fabio

Lawrence, Sgt Ken, and Fabio

All are very good communicators but they have different styles. Lawrence is more collaborative which means he really involves you in the communication process and really listens to you and tries to go deeper into your emotions as to why you are eating too much cookies. Fabio is more informative. He is a science guy, a teacher, and really speaks in a lot of conventions and seminars, his speciality is giving you a lesson, but he does it without disrespecting you. He’ll tell you, it’s ok to eat a cookie. But did you know that  cookie has around 250 calories and 9 grams of sugar? Maybe you should have less than the whole package for the night, huh? Sgt Ken on the other hand loves to get fired up and feeds of your energy and gives it back to you. And sometimes, when he knows you’re wrong, he’ll be direct and tell you to stop it. He’ll tell you, hey, you’re eating too much cookies, stop that, you’ll get diabetes. The concern is still there, but there’s more authority. All styles are good and have their place but the thing that we must remember the most here, is that we should KNOW OUR AUDIENCE (thank you Mike Boyle). We should know what style to use, and we should be versatile enough to be able to pull off all 3 categories (there are sub-categories, more on that next time).

The amazing Sara Kooperman followed with a look into the future of what fitness has in store for us. I’m not gonna spoil it by telling you guys what’s coming but suffice it to say that you will see a lot of changes in the fitness industry in the next coming years. Exciting times indeed.

Finally, Evan Osar blew us all away again with Corrective Exercises principles for Hip and SI joint pain. This guy just really gets it, and he does it by understanding how are body works and how our habits and behaviour has adapted our body and, really, made it a train wreck of bad joints and sleeping muscles. This stuff used to be automatic to us, it was when we were learning how to move and walk when we were babies. But along the way, we dissevered computers and video games and cable and of course the couch was invented and along with it, the couch potato was born. Most of hip and low back pain stems from the hours we spend sitting down, and I’ve said this before. Evan talks about 2 acronyms: ETR and ABC. You have to Earn The Right (to move and exercise, and play) and you do it by Alignment, Breathing, and Control. Fixing your alignment can be as simple as teaching you how to breathe properly and re-establishing control of our joints. This guy is the real deal when it comes to corrective exercises.

Evan Osar with team 360

Evan Osar with team 360

Day 3 happens today!

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