Coach Chappy's Corner: The Podcast

28 January 2014, Comments 2


If you guys missed it, I launched my new podcast, Coach Chappy’s Corner last night over at Woosah Studios. This will be a weekly show where I talk and teach all things fitness, health, and nutrition.

The show has 3 segments: The workout of the moment, #askChappy and my personal favorite: the #ChappyChallenge.

The workout of the moment will show various routines that you can do at home or at your gym. Ask Chappy is where I answer all your fitness related questions which you can send via twitter by tagging me (@chappycallanta) and using the hashtag #askChappy. The Chappy Challenge will be a workout challenge that will feature 2 people who will go against each in various fitness (and beyond) competitions.

The show airs every Monday and Wednesday on It’ll be up on iTunes soon but for now, here’s the YouTube link or just watch it below.

Watch out for the second episode tomorrow night at around 11pm on

2 responses on “Coach Chappy’s Corner: The Podcast

  1. Mai P. says:

    Coach Chappy, caught the first 2 episodes.

    The concept’s nice but can’t shake the feeling that the show seems geared toward existing members of your gym.

    hot guys/girls for the challenges, demoing the exercise. :)

    • Coach Chappy says:

      Thanks for the comment! You know what they say, there’s no place like home :) wait for the next few episodes. We will slowly expand. The show is for everybody who’s into and who wants to get into fitness

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