Coach Chappy's Corner Podcast: Axel's #ChappyChallenge

24 March 2014, Comments 0

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We wrapped up season one of Coach Chappy’s Corner last week with a special chappy challenge for all the guys out there (Girls, don’t worry, we’ll get to you next). One of my long-time clients, Axel Ngui, who is a decorated swimmer was game enough to set the bar with his Chappy Challenge. You can see axel’s performance in here, or you can just click on the podcast page up top to check out the entire season.

The workout is as follows:

20 pairs alternate battle rope slams (waves must reach your anchor point)

15 reps 20kg kettle bell swings

10 burpees (no push ups)

Do 3 straight sets as fast as you can.

Axel Finished with an impressive time of 2:42.55.


If you think you can beat that time, share your video with us! Post it on youtube, then post the link on twitter and tag me @chappycallanta and use the hashtag #chappychallenge.

Highest time by April 1 will get a LOT of freebies from the show.

Think you can beat Axel’s time? Go for it!



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