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One Move, Plenty of Muscle.

8 May 2012, Comments 0

Steve Cotter showing how it’s done (photo from youtube) One of the best functional moves in my opinion is the turkish get up. The amount of muscle fibers and muscle groups that you hit with this one exercise is enough reason for you to… Read more

The new 360 Fitness Club episode: Furniture Sliders

23 March 2012, Comments 0

Here’s the latest episode guys! This time, it’s coach Dexter who will be guiding you through a different kind of workout using humble furniture sliders. Enjoy! If you wanna see the… Read more

The Makati Monthly Challenge: Ropes and ropes and ropes

20 March 2012, Comments 0

It’s Makati’s turn! Here’s the workout designed by our senior coach, Dexter Pulido, CSCS. This one uses all ropes. Try it at 360 makati! Also, thanks to everyone who sent in their… Read more

Challenge Friday at 360 Fitness Club

16 March 2012, Comments 0

It’s that time of the month again for the 360 Fitness Club Challenge! First up is a countdown countup workout designed by our Ortigas senior coach, Coach Jose Gemora. You go from 15 reps to 10 to 5 back to 10 then to finally back to 15 per round…. Read more

Powerplate training and my top 5 (+1) Powerplate exercises

5 March 2012, Comments 0

No, it’s not just a giant vibrator. Vibration training is something relatively new to the Philippines even though it’s been around for almost a decade now. One of the hardest programs for me to, for lack of a better word, “sell” to clients is… Read more