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Review: Pear Stride Sports Earphones

16 April 2013, Comments 0

I love music. And it’s no secret how music has been shown to improve your workout performance whether it be on a run,in the weight room or even on the bike. Music has a psychosomatic effect that gets your movements in sync and also increases… Read more

Your New Running Partner: The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

9 July 2012, Comments 2

The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS First of all, I’m not  a regular runner, I usually use interval resistance training and metabolic conditioning to get that “cardio” boost. Although, that’s nothing against running, that’s more on my personal choices for… Read more

I seriously can not wait for this shoe

1 July 2012, Comments 2

The Nike LunarTR1 I’m a sports geek. Not in the way that I know all the stats and trivia of my favorite sport, but more on that I want to exactly how fast Usain Bolt runs and how hard Manny Pacquiao punches and how high Lebron James jumps. I love… Read more

Quinoa: the wonder grain?

14 May 2012, Comments 6

is it really that good? A lot has been said and written about Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah) and it’s awesome health benefits. It’s been called the wonder grain, until recently when it was discovered that it actually wasn’t a grain but is actually a… Read more

Must download app: Gymboss 2 (with a bonus workout)

27 March 2012, Comments 0

  If you do a lot of interval training, or if you’re like me and you like timing your reps and doing work capacity training, the Gymboss 2 will be a perfect partner to your workouts. I first encountered the Gymboss with kettlebell guru, Steve… Read more