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On Corporate Fitness and Wellness

28 February 2012, Comments 0

This is a sponsored post. By me. Hehehe. But seriously though, I want to talk about corporate wellness programs or what we call corporate “intervention” programs. Sounds a little harsh but given the current stat of our day-job and desk workers,… Read more

The Unglamorous (and Lethal) Side of Boxing

13 February 2012, Comments 0

Karlo Maquinto (far left) was a modern day warrior As most of you probably know, two weeks ago, a young boxer slipped into a coma after his fight and then passed away 5 days later. He suffered a hematoma or internal bleeding in his brain which… Read more

The Big 5 Fundamental Exercises

6 February 2012, Comments 1

Ever heard of the standing 1-legged rotating cork screw? You grab a medicine ball, stand on one leg then rotate the ball from above your head towards your supporting leg’s shin, repeat the movement for the other side. With that movement, you… Read more

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