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Greetings from Paradise

7 June 2012, Comments 0

Please don’t take us seriously. Photo by Kitsie Torres Ok, so maybe Boracay isn’t the paradie it used to be, but it still makes for a great vacation. It’s our first time to go here in the off-peak season. Strictly speaking it’s still peak season… Read more

The Importance of Rest and Recovery

24 May 2012, Comments 0

sleeping 7-8 hours a night may be the best thing you can do for your training Earlier today, a client of mine, or rather the mother of a client of mine complained that the workouts I was giving her son was a little too short for her liking. I… Read more

When Functional Becomes Crazy

9 April 2012, Comments 0

The Fitness Community has been in an uproar for the past few weeks since this picture surfaced online. People have blasted the trainer and his methods which are questionable at the least and dangerous to everyone who might try it. Is this what… Read more

Survey: Who’s sexier?

29 March 2012, Comments 0

Before reading the post below, answer the survey, no cheating ok? Here’s a question for all of you who are working out, dieting or just about doing anything to improve your body image (click on the image if you want a bigger picture): POLL… Read more

I met a real life Jabbawockee

1 March 2012, Comments 0

A few weeks ago I met a real life jabbawockee. ┬áHis name is Rynan and here he is with a small sample of what he can do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbMuZCit3dk&w=560&h=315 Yeah, just that. If you think dancers aren’t athletes,… Read more