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Your New Running Partner: The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

9 July 2012, Comments 2

The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS First of all, I’m not  a regular runner, I usually use interval resistance training and metabolic conditioning to get that “cardio” boost. Although, that’s nothing against running, that’s more on my personal choices for… Read more

I seriously can not wait for this shoe

1 July 2012, Comments 2

The Nike LunarTR1 I’m a sports geek. Not in the way that I know all the stats and trivia of my favorite sport, but more on that I want to exactly how fast Usain Bolt runs and how hard Manny Pacquiao punches and how high Lebron James jumps. I love… Read more

Something to remember before going to the gym

25 June 2012, Comments 0

Set a record… Read more

3 Questions for Game 2 of the NBA finals

15 June 2012, Comments 0

Now that Boston’s out, I can finally write subjectively about the NBA. I couldn’t care less who wins these finals. If OKC wins, then it’s the start of what could be a long dynasty in the making. If Miami wins, Lebron gets redemption and IT could… Read more

My thoughts on the Pacquiao Bradley Fight

11 June 2012, Comments 0

Photo c/o photographer extraordinaire Kitsie Torres First off, Manny Pacquiao won that fight. Sure the judges can talk all day about scoring it per round and how it’s not american idol but they will be the only 2 people among the millions who saw… Read more