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Is “Spot Reduction is a Myth” Actually a Myth?

19 November 2013, Comments 0

image from fox news Well another one of my statements have been probably refuted by science. Thanks science, jeesh. Some researches have shown that people who have been claiming that spot reduction is a myth (read = me) might have it wrong. Hmmmm…. Read more

Repost from Yahoo: Why we are fat and how to do something about it.

18 July 2013, Comments 0

  Resposting my article from Yahoo for my readers here. :) Here’s a simple fact: Unless you’re a trainer, or you’re one of those guys who spend three hours in the gym, two of which you spend mooching off their wifi, you will spend… Read more

Shoe Review: Nike Free Trainer 5.0

2 June 2013, Comments 1

Great training shoes are few and far in between. I have a lot of great running shoes but finding the perfect training shoe is a little bit harder. It has to fit perfectly, support you in all directions, and be sturdy enough but light enough so you… Read more

Avoiding the Holy Week Hangover

28 March 2013, Comments 1

The Holy Week is upon us and for those of us who are on route to the province or to the beach, it’s a perfect time to recharge, regenerate and get ready for the summer. However, long breaks like these are times when we slack off and just let loose…. Read more

Telomeres and LSD Cardio Training

2 March 2013, Comments 0

If you’re still in the LSD (and before you say I’m a druggie, that means Long Slow Distance) training bandwagon and you go for weekly long runs for¬†fitness,¬†then here’s another reason why you should start thinking of other ways to exercise. Take… Read more