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Improving the PE System in the Philippines

27 October 2015, Comments 0

My dad, Hercules Callanta, who himself is an educator just reposted an article that I wrote for Men’s Health Philippines back in July about the current state of Physical Education in our country. When I wrote this back then, I didn’t know that… Read more

The Big 3-0 and 5 Habits That Got Me Here

28 August 2015, Comments 1

So this is what 30 feels like. They say that your 20s is when you really find out what you’re good at and are passionate about. Now I may not fully agree because I have a lot of friends who found that at 35, but in my case, that’s… Read more

The 2014 Asia Fitnes Convention Day 1 recap

11 October 2014, Comments 0

Day 1 of the 2014 Asia Fitness Convention is in the books. So far it’s been awesome. Going into these seminars, you have expectations of learning a lot and meeting new contacts. I always expect to come out with more questions than answers. It’s… Read more

What I got from the 2014 Perform Better Long Beach Functional Training Summit

11 August 2014, Comments 1

Mark Verstegen getting us started with Every Day is Game Day Disclaimer: I’m writing this fresh out of the third day of the summit. I’m physically, intellectually, and because I’m so far from home, emotionally tired and I’m not consulting my… Read more

What is your “Ideal Weight”?

18 March 2014, Comments 3

I was reading an article on the pdi this morning about how a certain a-list actress got her abs back without going to the gym. The article was an advertorial for a popular canned food company here in the Philippines so the premise of a gym-less… Read more

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