Breaking Down...The Kettle bell Snatch

1 February 2013, Comments 0

I like efficiency. Who doesn’t? In everything that you do, efficiency is key, right? You wanna get something done as quickly as possible WHILE maintaining quality. Exercise isn’t any different. Some of the best moves are those that hit plenty of muscle and it all components of fitness (balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, power, and speed). The Kettle bell Snatch is one of those awesome exercises.

If you haven’t tried the kettle bell snatch, watch the video and see how I broke the move down. Now, before I get some violent reactions from kettle bell purist, let me just say this: I am not one. This means a couple of things, 1) I don’t exclusively use kettle bells though I think they are awesome. And 2) I’m not tied down to any kettle bell group and their practices. My knowledge of kettle bells has been developed from learning from seminars and training sessions with Steve Cotter, and lots and lots of practice. If you don’t believe me, then just take a look at this picture. I have also yet to take a Kettle bell teaching certification but I’ve completed on my own the IKFF level 1 test.

When approaching the Kettle Bell snatch, the move came naturally to me, since I’ve been snatching barbells since I was 12. Similar principles arise specially when you do the Kettle bell from the floor version. In this video though I show you how I personally teach the KB snatch. Again, this might be different from how others teach it but I’ve seen that this version works best for me and my clients since it follows the natural movements of the body while maintaining power output. In simple terms, when mastered, it’s a smooth rhythmic movement that improves your endurance, strength and power, all at the same time, the way only kettle bells can.

Again, as is standard with most kettlebells, Girls should start anywhere from 8-12kg and guys from 12-16kg.

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