Big Announcement!

7 February 2012, Comments 2

My gym, 360 Fitness Club will be moving soon to our new home with the same address but a different floor! We are teaming up with our favorite and the best Philippine Pole Dancing crew, Polecats Manila; an awesome yoga studio, Yoga+; Spaholics Manila for your relaxation and rejuvenation, Beauty MD for your cosmetic and wellness needs and of course Yellow Halo for your healthy food fix. If you remember in my welcome post, I told you guys about the different forms of wellness, that’s what we’re trying to do here. To not only give you Physical wellness, but also nutritional, mental, emotional and even social.

We’re holding a contest for anyone who can name our complex also with tons of prizes for the winner. Check it out here.

2 responses on “Big Announcement!

  1. anamarinella says:

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    This is something that we, Polecats Manila, have been looking forward to. We hope that you’re just as excited for it as we are! Thank you 360 Fitness Club family for giving us a new home.

  2. Thirdy says:

    Buti same building pa din… :)

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