Avoiding the Holy Week Hangover

28 March 2013, Comments 1

The Holy Week is upon us and for those of us who are on route to the province or to the beach, it’s a perfect time to recharge, regenerate and get ready for the summer. However, long breaks like these are times when we slack off and just let loose. There are parties, buffets and just general slacking off and come Monday, we find it so hard to start the workweek.

I know this, I’ve felt this, and I’ve found that you can do a few things that can help lessen the effect of the Holy Week Hangover. Here are some of them:


1. Drink lots of water

You know how much I love H20 and I love it more in road trips. Sure there’s the small hassle that you will be stopping more along the way for restroom breaks but that’s also good to break the monotony of driving. Like the WHO said, every hour of sitting must be followed by a 5-10 minute walking break. But back to the water. Long road trips vacations in general might put you in a situation where you will be without water. Maybe it’s a hike in Banaue, a trip to Cambodia or even just a walking tour around Manila, make sure you bring a jug of water with you and get around 3 or more liters of water per day. With this heat, you will need it.


2. Keep Moving

I know most of us will have a much-needed reunion with sleep this break, and that’s ok, it’s just what you do during your waking hours that will make a difference come Monday. Your body is used to movement. Shutting it down all of a sudden will wreck its rhythm and you will most likely feel more sluggish at the end of the break. I’m not saying that you should workout but a light jog or even a walk around the neighborhood will be a good break from all the resting. Nothing to strenuous of course (although you can still workout if you wanted to, I know I will) but just enough to keep the body mobile which is what it’s supposed to be.


3. Eat like it’s a regular day

Don’t let the excuse of holy week tempt you to eat as much as you want. Remember, your body doesn’t care what date it is, so it doesn’t mater if you’re on vacation or not, eating crap will still make you feel like crap (even if it tastes so good sometimes). Sure, you can squeeze in an extra cheat meal, or even a cheat day during this time but try not to go overboard with the feasting. I guess one good thing about lent is that most people give up food as their sacrifice but just try to not over-indulge in the food that you’re allowed to eat. In connection with this, another tips is..

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4. Skip the hotel “brunch”

A common practice that I see when I go on out of town trips (and something that I do also from time to time) is to go crazy on the free hotel breakfast buffet and treat it as a lunch. Sure, it’s a great way to save money but the tendency with having brunch is to overeat. Add that with what we usually see in breakfast buffets (fried food, lots of sweets, lots of carbs), and that’s not a very good equation. Better to still have a separate breakfast and lunch. Having that mindset will prevent you from eating too much of the bad stuff.

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pic from Denver Sioson

5. Set an activity goal

An easy way to make sure that you keep mobile during the break is to set an activity goal for your vacation. It can be as simple as cleaning the house if you’re on a staycation, or as challenging as climbing Mt. Pulag. Whatever it is, it should be something that will get you moving and active.

Again, even if the next 3 to 4 days are meant to be a break, these tips will at least make sure that it’s a productive break. :)


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