Another group of volunteers needed!

11 April 2012, Comments 0

Hey everyone!

I need new volunteers for my workout experiment, this group will start on April 16 and end on May 19. Again, I will choose by a combination of first come first serve and who needs it the most :)

If you want a preview of what you will be doing, here’s a sample workout. This one is day 7.

Email me at if you want to volunteer, I will only entertain emails, no facebook or twitter replies please.

EDIT: You can do this program at home, vacations, the gym, etc. There are rules, the most important one being, you can’t do any other resistance exercise program for the 30 days. You can still play sports, run, bike, swim, etc but you can’t do weights, kettlebells or suspension training. 

I will also need your weight age and sex so when you email, please include that.

0 responses on “Another group of volunteers needed!

  1. jet says:

    coach sa push-up part, wide spread ba ang arms?

  2. RACS says:

    kainis! ngayon ko lang nakita ito! i need this!

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