A Recap of #MeatlessMonth

9 October 2014
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9 October 2014, Comments 2



It’s been more than a week since I started bringing meat back into my diet. Meatless month was a huge success although I did get surprised with some of my findings:

  • I didn’t lose weight at all. I was 174 on September 1 and I actually went up to 177 by the 2nd week. I ended the challenge the same way i started it, 174. I was a little but surprised by this but I also knew why. I thought that by taking away food that was calorie-dense such as meats, that I would end up losing some weight. Unfortunately, my snacking got the best of me. Since I wasn’t getting any meat, my brain was looking for other ways to get a fix. It pointed me to snacking on chips and sweets. Not very proud of that but I did want to know what the effect of no meat would be to me and, well, that was the effect. I craved sweets and salty food more.
  • I got zero headaches. Well, almost zero. Since I work weird hours, it’s hard to get a rhythm in terms of food. So I do get headaches around 2 to 3 times a month. This month, no headaches. Actually that’s wrong, I did get a headache at day 30. Maybe because I was anticipating the meat I was going to eat by midnight. But that was weird. Otherwise, I felt great during the whole month.
  • I have a deeper respect and understanding for vegetables. Before when I wanted to have my fix of veggies, I’d stick to a regular salad, usually balsamic, and with the usual suspects: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, corn,etc. I’ve had some great salads during meatless month that really opened my eyes to the power of a salad. Some of my favorites were the ones from Earth Kitchen along White Plains and the ones in Greeka Kouzina in SM Aura. Those were some solid salads. The worst one I got by far was the shrimp mango salad form Pancake house. That was really a pathetic excuse for a salad.
  • I didn’t lose body fat either. I was 13% BF on September 1. By September 15 I gained a whole percentage. Now I’m back down to 13%. Again, I have to blame the snacking. When I saw that I gained 1% body fat, I cut down on snacking on carbs and added even more fruits and vegetables. That got me back to 13%

I realize I’ll have to do this again at some point and take a blood sample before and after to see deeper into what this diet can do for me internally but I’ll wait for next year for that. My awesome friend, and BTV host/ Magic DJ, Riki Flores also did this meatless month with me and she liked it so much that she’s thinking about going meatless for good. She said she’s feeling “better than ever” and that she’s getting her protein fix from fish, seafood, eggs, tofu, and grass fed whey protein. If you’re wondering why there’s fish and seafood, I clarified when I started this challenge that I wasn’t going full meatless. Had to keep seafood there since I’m very active. I know some people who can remain active even while going full vegan but I didn’t want to risk it since my livelihood kind of depends on me being active.

Now I’m thinking of what my next diet challenge will be. I’m thinking of going no simple carbs or no processed food of any kind for a whole month. That latter was suggest by my friend, CD who’s the awesome Momma Polecat for Polecats Manila. Any suggestions? :)

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  1. B says:

    I’m so proud of you for finishing this challenge! You’ve come such a long way from being a carnivore :p how about processed sugar-free month? Heheh

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