A Good Step towards a Fitter Philippines

22 July 2012, Comments 0

Last Saturday, some of the top gyms, fitness centers, yoga studios, equipment manufacturers, and all things related fitness, came together with the LiST group and Finix Corporation to bring Fit All You Can: A Smorgasbord of All Things Fit. A lot of people braved the rains and participated in a one of a kind activity where you can not only sample, but really have a full-hour class with all of the fitness partners. Every hour from 9am-8pm, there were two classes going on in their separate fitness areas.

I had the chance to show the ChappySystem for the 360 class. Obviously since I was leading the class, I don’t have pictures, but it was a packed class and it looked like everyone had a good workout. Thank you very much to everyone who tried it out. :)

Our friends from Plana Forma and Crossfit Insurrecto were among those who gave their signature workouts. As usual they did an awesome job. It was a WOD for CFInsurrecto and they had guys crawling, doing burpees and just basically having a good time getting tired. The Plana Forma girls of course gave their usual deceptive high intensity workout. Finix showcased their line of different equipment including a full functioning gym and the TRX, Vipr, and the Rip Trainer with the help of another good friend, Master Trainer Linzi Arellano-Co. Each partner also had their own booths where they can showcase their different workouts and promos. There was even a longest Plank challenge who was won of course by Plana Forma’s own, Julie Alagde.

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Plana Forma Thigh Warriors

Crossfit Insurrecto Coaches

Trying out Vipr. Will this work in the Philippine Market? Let’s see.

The Longest Plank Challenge Final 2

For sure it was a fun day, and I really hope this happens again. It’s a special thing when all fitness brands get together for a day of promoting exercise and wellness. It was fun to break down barriers and mingle with competing gyms and friends that were there and not worry about competition and getting clients. The goals are the same, regardless of the brand you’re representing, it’s to help build a Fitter Philippines, and this was a good step.

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  1. Great blog Coach! Always good seeing you and the team!

  2. Thank you for this post, Coach! Thank you for being part of our line-up for the first-ever Fit-All-You-Can! We look forward to more of your workouts! :)

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