A Chappy Meal all the way from Baguio

7 May 2012, Comments 0

Baguio isn’t only good for altitude. It’s also good for the fresh produce that they have. Everyone knows, some of the best fruits and vegetables can be found in the mountains of Baguio and if you’re looking for a unique take on it, try out Eve’s garden. Situated 15 minutes from session road, this escape from the busy city that Baguio has become will give you breathtaking views of the mountains as well as offer a healthy and delicious meal without bothering your conscience.


Thanks to sir Anson Tiuco of Shape-up Boxing gym, where Manny Pacquiao trains, we were able to try out this place. You have to call a day ahead usually to get a table for their lunch special and order either the beef or the chicken. The rest of the meal is set already.

lemongrass iced tea with 7 spices and water with mint

awesome edible watercress flowers with organic lettuce and organic sauce with the 7 spices

salabat tea and organic granola bar after the meal

main course choice number 1: beef with veggies and mountain red rice.

main course choice number 2: chicken with organic pesto and pasta

If the pictures don’t do it for you then consider this, The owners had to cultivate the soil where they plant their food for 6 years, making sure that all the toxins and chemicals were taken out before they began planting their food. They also make and use their own organic fertilizer and of course everything that we ate was certified organic.

The cleansing feeling that you get after the meal and the shot of energy is enough evidence for me that this meal is awesome for the systems and healthy for the body. The salad was just something else, it was my first time to actually eat flowers and it was as tasty as it was fragrant. I have no idea how many calories this meal had but for sure it was low carb, what with small amount of mountain rice and pasta and just the small piece of granola for dessert.

If you ever find yourself in Baguio and you’re looking for the real thing when it comes to Organic food, try Eve’s Garden, contact 0917-5066264 for reservations.

Now if we can only get Manny to try this out.

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