28 Day Laboracay Workout: FINAL DAY - Countdown Challenge!

30 April 2014, Comments 4

day 28

Finally, after 27 days of hard work, we’re down to the last day of the workout. I hope that by now, you have seen enough changes in your physiques and even more importantly, you feel, stronger, faster and more powerful. Before I let you go though, we still have 1 day remaining and 1 challenge remaining. This will be a countdown challenge and it goes like this:

20 reps kettle bell swings
10 reps burpees

18 kettle bell swings
9 reps burpees

16 kettle bell swings
8 reps burpees

14 kettle bell swings
7 burpees

12 kettle bell swings
6 burpees

10 kettle bell swings
5 burpees

8 kettle bell swings
4 burpees

6 kettle bell swings
3 burpees

4 kettle bell swings
2 burpees

2 kettle bell swings
1 burpee


As in you’re done. Time to celebrate and enjoy the holiday!

If you finished all 28 days by today. Congratulations! That’s no joke and you deserve  the results that I hope you got. If you followed it to the letter them I, sure you’ve seen changes.

If you’re one of the people who dropped out in the middle (or even start) of the workout, I encourage you to try it again. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beach trip or just to gear up for life. This program will work for you.

For those who finished, please let me know what you thought about the program through the comments section of this post. Again, thanks for playing!

4 responses on “28 Day Laboracay Workout: FINAL DAY – Countdown Challenge!

  1. Raddy says:

    Thanks Coach for sharing the 28 day workout for free. Its so generous of you. This is a great workout! It really gave that extra push that I could not get out of my regular gym routine. The workouts are fun and I love the freestyle days. What can I say? I may not have that superbod, but I do feel faster, stronger, powerful and most of all “functional”. Thanks Coach! More free programs! :)

  2. Rj says:

    Do you know of any good programs for those who want to keep the weight off after bora? I loved the 28 day workout and I still want to continue working out 😀

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