28 Day Laboracay Workout: Day 26

28 April 2014, Comments 0

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3 days to go before we’re done with this program. Are you guys getting tired of it already? I hope not! Just 3 more days then you can enjoy yourselves at the beach or wherever you will be for the Labor day weekend (hopefully, and ideally, with a body you can flaunt).

First we’re starting with our core routine:

12-15 reps core rolls

10-12 pairs V-sits

5-8 per side 1-legged straight leg sit ups

3 sets

After that, we’re doing another challenge, Every Minute on the Minute style. I’ll give you the freedom to choose between:

20 kettle bell swings for 10 minutes


12 Burpees (chest to floor) for 10 minutes

Either one is designed for you to work around 25-35 seconds giving you roughly half the time as rest. This type of exercise routine has a high metabolic cost with minimal time. That’s just 10 minutes but you’ll be surprised how much you’ll be sweating. That’s it for today’s workout. Have a good one!


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