28 Day Laboracay Workout: Day 25 - 3 Mile Run

27 April 2014, Comments 0

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It’s the last Sunday before the Labor day festivities happen next week. This is probably going to be your last time to get a run in so let’s get that run in right now. If you’ve been following the program, you have gone through 1 mile runs before. Now we’re going to tie them together and run for 3 straight miles. That’s actually less than a 5k. The reason why I’m asking you to run in miles and not kilometres is because I want you to know what your fastest mile is. 60 years ago, Roger Banister was the first person ever to run a 4 minute mile. Since then, countless people have done it as well. Just to put this into perspective, 1 mile is 4 rounds around a standard track oval. Even after this program is done, I challenge you to keep pushing yourself to try and beat your fastest mile. It’s a good way to know your progress and historically, people who have fast 1 mile runs, have great physiques (let’s be honest, that’s why you’re following this program anyway)

So we’re running for 3 miles this time. Try to pace yourself so that you can finish the 3 miles without stopping for a walk. But still, don’t take it easy. If you’ve been following the program, you should be able to finish this less than 4 times your fastest mile.

Before the run, do the following core exercise routine again for 3 sets:

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