28 Day Laboracay Workout: Day 24

26 April 2014, Comments 0

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It’s day 24 and we’re only 5 days away until the program is done. Today we will be doubling the work by doubling the strength/power exercise, 1 each for the upper and lower body. After that, it’s time to sprint. We’re raking the sprinting to 8-10 seconds and 8 sets.

Remember that one of the best ways to gain lean muscle and lose fat is through sprinting. Done properly, and with the right intervals, you’ll have a great metabolic workout to supplement your lifting.

Here’s the workout for today:


12-15 Core Rolls

10 pairs V Sits with Rotations

5-10 reps 1 Legged Straight Leg Sit Ups

3 sets

Strength/Power 1:

10 reps Goblet Squats 3-4 sets

Strength/Power 2:

10 reps Overhead Presses 3-4 sets


8-10 seconds 30 seconds rest, 8 sets



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