28 day Laboracay Workout: Day 17 Challenge and Day 18 rest

19 April 2014, Comments 2


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It’s day 17 and it’s a surprise challenge day! I know i usually give challenges every 6th day of the 7 day cycle but today I’m making an exception mainly because the last 2 days were lighter days and I wouldn’t want you to get too comfortable and then come monday, you’ll be blindsided by the intensity of the workout. Also, tomorrow’s resurrection sunday so I’m gibing you guys the day off before we go towards the last 10 days of the workout which I won’t lie, will be challenging days.

For the challenge, I’m giving you 2 simple options:

1. Warm up (you can use our normal sprinting warm up) then run for 1 mile as fast as you can, now’s a good time to use a running app that could track you distance. I personally recommend the Nike plus running app on iTunes or the google play store. After you’re finished with 1 mile, rest for the same amount of time that you ran it, and then run it again, this time trying to beat the time that you just set. Again, rest for the same amount of time that you ran that next mile and then run a third mile trying to beat the 2nd mile. This finishes the challenge.


2. Set the timer to go every minute on the minute and perform 12 burpees (chest to floor if you can). Repeat for 5-8 minutes starting every minute on the minute and resting for the rest of the minute.

That’s it. These were designed so that even in you’re on vacation which I’m sure most of you are, you’d still be able to do it. Go hard!


2 responses on “28 day Laboracay Workout: Day 17 Challenge and Day 18 rest

  1. Alex says:

    Hi! I love your program but maybe you can post the workouts a night before? Just a suggestion 😀 I gym early in the morning kasi hehe

    • Coach Chappy says:

      Hey! Thanks for the comment, I actually have it scheduled at around 6am for those who wake up early. But sure, I’ll take that suggestion. :)

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