28 day Laboracay Workout: Day 1

2 April 2014, Comments 1

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Welcome to day 1 of the 28 Day Laboracay Challenge. I know most of you are revved up and ready to go but I’m gonna level with you right now. We’re gonna take this slow. 28 days is longer than you think. This is going to be a process. First thing you have to do is to weight yourself. Preferably get your body fat percentage and even your circumferences. Take note of these figures in a notebook or your smart phone. While you’re at it, take a “before” picture of yourself. This will be your starting point.

Next, take note that this will not work if we go out and eat a whole bunch of junk food after our workout. I won’t be prescribing a diet, but I do have some guidelines that you can follow:

1. Drink 2.5 – 3 Liters of water a day. Water feeds the muscles. Water makes you less hungry

2. Try some fish oil. It’s full of heart healthy omega 3. I take around 3 grams a day myself and it helps me recover from my workouts and keeps me healthy

3. Eat 5 small meals a day. Eating more frequently than 3 meals in a day will help boost your metabolism throughout the day. Remember that digesting food needs energy. If we eat more frequent, that helps burn more calories. If you think this will be a challenge, try one of those meal delivery services. This can help you also stay within that caloric limits that you need.

4. In connection to number 3, eat a lot of fibre. Fibre can be found in fruits and vegetables and some supplements. Fibre takes long to digest so that helps you stay fuller for longer.

5. Sleep well. Our body needs sleep and rest. Try to get 7-8 hours a night. Not getting enough sleep will be detrimental to weight loss.

I’ll come up with more as we go along but  these are my essentials.

Now for the workout. As I said we will take this slow. The workout today is composed of 2 parts: Core, and Circuit.


Front Planks or chest taps: 30 seconds

Side Planks: 30 seconds per side

Rest for 1 minute, repeat for 3 total sets


30 seconds work 30 seconds active recovery (side to side bounce)

Air Squats

Push ups


Mountain Climbers


Rest for 1-2 mins then repeat for 3 sets.

Here’s the video for your reference.

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