2 wheels are sometimes better than 4

4 February 2013, Comments 0

I know I’m a bit late to the party but this year, one of my fitness gaol was to get into mountain biking. My friends have been doing it for more than a year already and finally, with the help of my best man Justin, I bought my very own Mountain bike.


my Trek Wahoo 29er.

As soon as I bought the bike, we went on a night ride from UP diliman to Marikina and back. Of course the night and my first ride for that matter wouldn’t be complete without my first semplang either. I’ll spare you the pics and just say that I had tocino for dinner that night and it wasn’t yummy.

Let me just say that biking is a completely different animal. I knew that it was gonna be a challenge since the last time I biked was in high school. Even though I consider myself to be in shape, that up hill road from marcos high way to Katipunan avenue at 9 in the evening absolutely destroyed me. And to think that I see bikers everyday going up Ortigas which according to my friends, is harder. It didn’t help either that I got the gear-shifting backwards. Noob alert.

Of course this motivated me to work on this skill. I started biking around the rolling hills of my old subdivision and yesterday, me and a bunch of my high school and college friends went to the trails of Timberland. IMG_2800

It was my first time to ride trails and I’m just glad I changed my saddle with a bigger one. I’m not sure how my butt would’ve held up with a thin saddle.


I’m not about to give any tips on biking since I’m no expert. Heck, I couldn’t even buy one on my own. From what I’ve learned so far though, if there’s one thing you need to avoid, it’s upgraditis. Seriously though, just make sure you get the right size for your height and limb lengths and you should be fine. Parts range from affordable to ridiculously expensive though in fairness to the brands, you do get what you pay for. In terms of training for biking in the weight room, you can’t go wrong with knee dominant exercises to increase your glycogen stores in your quads. Strengthening your lower back and adding mobility in your hips are also good since you’ll be in a hunched position for an extended period of time.

No hands!

No hands!

But enough on the science. I really just wanted to show you this video of our trail ride yesterday. Hehe. (Music credits to Coldplay)


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